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Posted on September 24, 2021 11:30 by matan

What is smart home security?

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly common place in homes around the country. In fact, there are currently over 15 million smart homes in the UK. And it’s predicated that number will continue to rise over the coming years as smart home security systems become standard. 

So, what is a smart home security system?

A smart home security system allows you to monitor, control, and interact with your home via an app on your smartphone or tablet. The system consists of security tools that are all connected via the internet, usually:

  • Security cameras
  • Lights
  • Door bells
  • Alarms
  • Motion detectors
  • Door locks
  • Door and window sensors

Because all the elements in the system are connected via your Wi-Fi, they can communicate with each other, as well as with you, the user. 

Of course, the specific set up will depend on the brand, price point, and your needs. Once you have the core system, additional elements can usually be added on separately too. 

What does a smart home security system include?

Smart home security systems can incorporate a range of different functions and elements, including:

Smart doorbells  

Smart doorbells are one of the most common elements of smart home security. With a small camera built into the doorbell, the system sends an alert to your phone when someone rings the bell or approaches your property. 

Smart locks

Smart locks are not only incredibly secure, they are also convenient as they remove the need for keys. Allowing you to lock or unlock your property from anywhere, or give other people access via a digital key, they are controlled via your smartphone via Wi-Fi or  Bluetooth. 

Smart cameras

CCTV cameras are the ultimate deterrent for potential intruders. And smart cameras offer a range of additional benefits, allowing you to view and control them remotely using an app on your smartphone. There are a range of options available depending on your needs, property, and budget. 


Smart lights 

Smart lights connect to your home’s Wi-Fi system, allowing you to control them via your smartphone. This means, depending on the bulbs you choose, you can turn lights on or off, dim them, or even choose their colour from anywhere. 

Smart thermostats 

Smart security home systems can also be connected to other systems in your home, to enable automation. Smart thermostats, for example, can help you save energy by controlling the temperature in your home, and adjusting it, from anywhere. 

Smart smoke alarms 

Some smart home security systems can also incorporate a smart smoke alarm. This means you can be aware of any issues when you’re not at home, or turn them off quickly if there’s a false alarm. 

How does a smart home security system work?

All smart home security systems work on the same principle. 

They are powered by a central hub, which wirelessly connects to all the other elements in the system. These elements are then all connected to an app, allowing you to receive alerts, monitor your property, view footage, and more. 

What are the benefits of a smart home security system?

Smart home security systems offer a range of benefits, allowing you to protect your home and your family, wherever you are. Key benefits include:

  • Full control, wherever you are

With a smart system, you can keep an eye on your property and control your security from anywhere, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

  • Instant updates 

Smart home security systems will alert you instantly if a sensor is triggered, someone rings the doorbell, or an alarm is activated, etc. So you’ll be able to take the appropriate action, even if you’re not home. 

  • Peace of mind 

A smart home security system gives the ultimate peace of mind, allowing you to ensure your home is always protected. 

  • Optimum security 

A smart system will enhance the security of your property, providing instant, live updates and the ability to check on you home anytime and from anywhere. 

What is the best smart home security system?

There are a wide range of smart home security systems available from a variety of brands, including Igloo Home, Yale, Ring,  Asec, and more. The best smart security system for you will depend on your needs and your budget. 

However, key features to look out for when choosing a smart home security system include:

  • Alarm – an alarm will help deter burglars from even attempting to break into your property. 
  • Battery backup – smart home security systems usually work off the mains power. Having a battery as a backup will mean that your home will still be protected in the event of a power issue, such as a power cut or accidental disconnection. 
  • Wi-Fi range – the smart home security system will communicate with the hub via Wi-Fi, so it’s important it has a suitable range, particularly if your property is large. 
  • Smartphone compatibility – the majority of systems work with both Apple and Android phones, but it’s always worth double checking. 

How much does a smart home security system cost?

The cost of a smart home security system will vary depending on a range of factors, including the type of system, the brand, and the components included. 

However, basic starter systems usually start from around £100 - £150, while the average price for a comprehensive system is around £500. 

Where to buy a smart home security system?

When buying a smart home security system, it’s important to look for a reputable seller with the knowledge and experience to ensure you’re getting the right system for you. 

At Smart Choice Security, we supply a range of smart home systems that will make your home safer. And you don’t have to worry about your new system being too complex or advanced, all the systems we supply are designed to be simple to set up and use. We also offer free installation as part of our locksmith service. 

To find out more, or to discuss your needs, please get in touch.