Nightlatches & Rim Locks

Nightlatches & Rim Locks

Peace of mind for the security-minded is having a front door lock that can securely bolt the door as soon as it closes. This is exactly what a night latch does. Sometimes referred to as Yale locks we stock a wide range of locks to suit requirements and budgets.

Meeting BS 3621 and BS 8621 standards, our range includes traditional night latches British standard, deadlocking and non-deadlocking, along with electric options. All our locks come in different sizes and finishes. Most insurance policies demand that you fit your door with a BS3621 British standard lock.

When fitted, the night latch has two important lines of defense. Firstly it can be unlocked from outside using a key. and then it can be deadlocked from the inside through a sliding snib button followed by turning the key or handle. Our auto deadlocking type is one of our best sellers. With a high-security door, these locks are meet the required standards of BS3621.

Rim locks are surface mounted. The lock sits on the inside part of the door and is opened by a key from the outside. Many customers prefer this model because the customer is totally in charge of the locking and unlocking processes. You have full control of when you lock and unlock.

Here is a short explanation of the types of locks:

- Deadlocking have a button inside the door lock so opening from the outside is not possible (even with a key). unlikely to open the door from the outside, regardless of whether you have a key or not.

- Auto deadlocking The door is automatically deadlocked when the door closes. This is a high-security method of locking.

- Standard Good enough for insurance companies, and the police, it provides maximum security. Drawback Locking and unlocking can be done from the outside and inside using a key code.

Night latches: We stock a wide range of night latches which include different body and cylinder finishes and sizes. As with all our products we are pleased to discuss all your security requirements with free, no obligation quotations.

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