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Effortless Blusafe Origin Smart Lock Installation: UK Guide

When it comes to the latest home security technology, the blusafe origin smart lock installation is a standout choice. But let's face it; figuring out how to set up this innovative piece of kit can be quite a task, especially if you're new to smart locks.

The blusafe origin offers an extra layer of protection for your external doors with its fingerprint padlocks and keyless entry system. With satin chrome finishing and robust design, this isn't just about safety - but also adding some style!

Are you uncertain how difficult it could be? Well, fear not! We'll guide you through every step from unpacking right down to setting up your operating cam and handle direction. Plus tips on selecting spindles based on door thickness and fitting screw pillars like a pro.

Before you know it, you could be on your way to achieving great things.

Table Of Contents:

Unpacking the Blusafe Origin Smart Lock

Diving into your new Blusafe Origin Smart lock, you'll find a range of innovative components designed to boost home security. The comprehensive kit includes features like a battery cover, fingerprint scanner, proximity reader, wakeup button and LED, lever handle thumb turn, and more.

Recognising Key Components of the Smart Lock

The main component that stands out in this smart door lock is undoubtedly its highly efficient fingerprint scanner. A step above traditional key or code-based locks; it provides secure access based on unique biometric data - no keys required.

In addition to this nifty feature for quick entry is the proximity reader. This advanced piece uses cutting-edge technology to recognise authorised devices nearby, such as your mobile phone app or key card when close enough. With one swift movement near the device with an authorised gadget – voila. Your door unlocks seamlessly.

Beyond these elements are two essential pieces that enhance user experience: the wakeup button and LED lights coupled with a loudspeaker hole placed strategically on your Blusafe Origin Smart lock's body.

Apart from enhancing aesthetics with their satin chrome finish, they provide valuable feedback during operation. The wakeup button wakes up your smart lock from power-saving mode whenever needed while bright LEDs indicate different statuses of your Blusafe Wi-Fi Bridge connection at just one glance. Simultaneously, sound cues help guide through successful operations making using our product easy even for those not too tech-savvy.

Moving onto another vital element - the lever handle thumb turn - provides users manual control over locking/unlocking doors if necessary; essentially providing a back-up method alongside high-tech solutions offered by Blusafe. It's like having the top-notch of both realms right at your fingertips.

According to the Blusafe Origin Smart installation manual, these components come together in a harmonious blend, providing you with a high-quality product that is as efficient as it is secure.

In a nutshell, every part of the Blusafe Origin smart lock is key to its function and helps make it one of our best-selling door locks. It's an impressive mix of classic features like the lever handle thumb turn and modern elements.

Key Takeaway: 

impressive piece of kit. It's all about enhancing your home security while offering convenience and user-friendliness. From the clever fingerprint scanner to the practical lever handle thumb turn, every feature has been thoughtfully integrated for seamless operation. Unleash a new era of keyless entry with Blusafe Origin Smart Lock - where top-tier tech meets timeless tradition.

Preparing for Installation

The initial steps of installing your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock are critical to ensuring a smooth and successful process. As such, we'll walk you through these crucial stages.

Measuring Door Specifications

Your first task is measuring the specifications of your door accurately. You might think this step unnecessary if you have what seems like a standard UK internal door. But bear in mind that even minute discrepancies can affect how well the smart lock fits and functions.

You have two options when it comes to this stage: measure from the spindle center to screw holes or use a template placed on the door with spindle holes as directed by the manual. Both methods will give you accurate measurements necessary for installation, but make sure whichever option you choose suits your comfort level with DIY tasks.

If there's any confusion, our live chat feature on the website is available to provide assistance. This hands-on experience demonstrates our commitment towards helping customers set up their own security systems efficiently and effectively without needing professional installation services.

Removing Existing Door Handle and Cylinder

In order for us to fit our keyless entry system onto your existing setup, it's important that all current fixtures be removed properly; including handles, screws and cylinders. If this sounds daunting at first glance – fear not.

We've got detailed instructions available in our comprehensive guide that show exactly how each part should be taken out safely yet swiftly so nothing gets damaged along way. Our origin smart offers include unlimited users who can share permanent access rights remotely using temporary e-keys via mobile phone app which makes switching over incredibly convenient too.

Overcoming Difficulties in Cylinder Removal

Although it might seem simple on paper, removing the cylinder can be a tricky task. With our comprehensive guide and extensive experience, we are certain that you can complete this step without any major problems.

Remember, when dealing with door handles, you'll start by removing the screws from both sides. Once that's done, gently pull off the handles themselves. The last step involves extracting the locking mechanism or 'cylinder'. But hey. If you hit a snag during this process - don't resort to brute force. It's always better to get some help instead.

Key Takeaway: 

Getting ready to install your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock? Start by measuring your door specifications accurately, even if you think it's a standard UK internal door. Remove existing fixtures carefully with our detailed guide's help. Struggling with cylinder removal? Don't worry. Our hands-on guide and live chat support are here for any hiccups along the way.

Removing Existing Door Handle and Cylinder

The process of removing your existing door handle and cylinder is a crucial step in preparing for the installation of your new Blusafe Origin Smart lock. But don't worry, it's not as daunting as it might seem.

Overcoming Difficulties in Cylinder Removal

Locate the screws securing your entry door's interior handle, then remove them with a screwdriver. These are typically found on the interior side of your entry door. Once located, use a screwdriver to carefully remove them.

If you encounter difficulties during this phase - perhaps because they're stuck or rusted over time - applying some lubricating oil can help ease their removal without causing damage to the surrounding areas.

Next up is removing the euro cylinder which forms part of most conventional key-based door lock systems. To do this effectively, turn its key slightly until it aligns with the body line; then gently pull outwards while holding onto both ends securely.

Sometimes these cylinders can prove stubborn due to years' worth of wear-and-tear or built-up grime inside their mechanisms, but fear not. A simple solution would be using an appropriate tool like pliers coupled with gentle force should get things moving smoothly again before long.

The manual provides helpful visuals and further guidance if needed.

Fitting Screw Pillars and Selecting Spindle

Moving forward, we now focus on fitting screw pillars into designated holes within our doors’ surface area – another essential stage involved when installing any kind of smart locking device such as those offered by us here at Smart Choice Security: namely 'Blusafe'. In addition, it's equally important that you select the right spindle for your door.

Door thickness varies widely, and so do spindles. The key is to find a spindle that matches your specific door dimensions. Trial and error could be necessary to get the perfect spindle for your door size, but it's essential that you do so correctly in order to guarantee a successful installation of your intelligent lock.

Setting Up Operating Cam and Handle Direction

Our journey concludes with setting up the operating cam and handle direction, a crucial step in the process.

Key Takeaway: 

Prepping your door for the Blusafe Origin Smart Lock installation isn't as tough as it seems. Begin by carefully removing the old handle and cylinder, using lubricating oil if needed. Next, fit screw pillars into designated holes and select a spindle that matches your door's thickness. Finally, set up the operating cam and handle direction to ensure smooth operation.

Setting Up Operating Cam and Handle Direction

The process of setting up the operating cam and handle direction on your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock is crucial for ensuring its smooth operation. Though it may seem intimidating, with the correct method this can be done without difficulty.

Fixing and Resetting the Operating Cam

To begin with, you'll need to fix or reset the operating cam - that's essentially the mechanism within door locks which rotates as you turn your key or handle. This part needs to be aligned correctly in order for your smart lock to function effectively.

If an issue arises during installation where turning is obstructed, resetting may solve it. For example, if while testing out new smart locks, you notice resistance when turning keys; there’s a good chance something’s wrong with alignment of internal parts including our focus here: The operating cam.

Determining Handle Direction

Moving onto determining handle direction - do remember every door setup varies slightly so take into account whether yours opens leftwards (left-handed) or rightwards (right-handed). It helps dictate how components should align inside lock body; hence making sure everything functions smoothly after install completes successfully without any hitches along way.

This might sound complicated but trust me once we've gone through these steps together even most novice among us will find them straightforward enough not just comprehend what's being discussed here but also put knowledge into practice when time comes around doing actual installation themselves at home.

Changing Internal Handle Direction

In some cases though depending upon specific circumstances related both house layout itself along external factors such surrounding environment etc., one may feel need change initial chosen course i.e., direction which internal handle had been set during first stage. But fret not. If desired, the initial door handle orientation can be adjusted later to better suit your requirements; however, it must be done with care as improper alignment may lead to long-term damage.

Remember, it's key to make these adjustments with precision and care. Sloppy alignment might damage the lock mechanism over time. This could lead to regular malfunctions, making the whole system pretty much useless. It would ultimately defeat the purpose of having one installed in the first place.

Key Takeaway: 

Setting up the operating cam and handle direction of your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock is key for a smooth operation. Ensure to align the internal mechanisms correctly, including adjusting the handle direction if needed. Take care while making adjustments as sloppy work could damage your lock over time.

Fitting Screw Pillars and Selecting Spindle

Proper installation of your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock requires careful attention to detail. One crucial step is fitting the screw pillars, which serve as an anchor for the lock on your door. But just before you start this process, it's essential to make sure that you have selected the right spindle based on your door thickness.

The screw pillars should be fitted into pre-drilled holes in your entry door. To do this correctly, place each pillar so that its flat side aligns with the surface of the door. Make sure these are securely tightened; loose screws could compromise both functionality and security.

Selecting The Right Spindle

Your next task is choosing a suitable spindle from those provided with your smart lock app download package by Blusafe Solutions. This choice depends largely on how thick or thin your external doors are.

A competent DIYer can measure their door thickness using a standard tape measure but remember accuracy matters here since even small discrepancies may affect whether or not our keyless locks fit properly onto internal doors throughout UK homes and businesses alike. Remember: no guesswork - exact measurements only.

Choosing Between Short And Long Spindles

In most cases, if you're working with a relatively thin entryway like some front doors might be then selecting short spindles would typically work best whereas thicker ones such as solid oak or mahogany usually need longer options because they offer more grip when turning handles thereby reducing wear over time while also providing extra protection against forced entries thanks again due to their increased strength compared other types available today via our mobile phone app service online store plus many more places too numerous mention here unfortunately (or fortunately depending how look things).

So remember, while fitting screw pillars and selecting the spindle might seem like a small step in the process of installing your Blusafe Origin Smart Lock, it's one that carries significant importance. By adhering to these steps, you'll be able to get your smart lock professionally installed with maximum security for your property.

Key Takeaway: 

will ensure your lock fits perfectly and functions as it should. Remember, taking the time to measure your door thickness and carefully aligning the screw pillars will pay off in long-lasting security for your home. Choose wisely between short or long spindles based on this measurement. Every detail matters when you're installing a Blusafe Origin Smart Lock.

FAQs in Relation to Blusafe Origin Smart Lock Installation

Can I install a smart door lock myself?

Yes, with the right tools and instructions, you can handle your own smart lock installation.

How do I install a smart lock?

You'll need to remove your old lock, measure for the new one's placement, then follow specific instructions from your chosen brand. For Blusafe Origin Smart Locks, there's an in-depth guide available.

How long does smart lock installation take?

A DIY job should typically take around 30 minutes. More complex installations might require up to two hours though.

How much does it cost to install a smart lock?

If you're doing it yourself, just the price of the unit. But if you hire a professional locksmith in the UK, expect charges between £50-£100 per hour depending on complexity.


Blusafe Origin Smart Lock installation isn't a task to dread. It's all about getting familiar with the components, understanding your door specifications and proceeding methodically.

You've learned how to remove existing handles and cylinders safely. You've discovered tips for overcoming any potential hitches during cylinder removal. This is progress!

Fixing operating cams, determining handle direction - it's clear as day now! And selecting spindles based on door thickness? That’s not a challenge anymore either.

Your external doors are set for that extra layer of protection with satin chrome style included!

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