Posted on April 17, 2020 11:11 by matan in News

Tuya Alarm

Hundreds of smart home products under one app 

Yes that is TUYA, a brand you will be hearing a lot more about in the next coming months.

 But who are they ? TUYA provide an IOT (internet of things) platform that enables you to use many many other smart products under one app on Android or Apple from the play store free. 

 Currently if you want to have your heating , house alarm, CCTV, lights, home dehumidifier,  smart cat feeder..(Yes I did say cat feeder, there is a dog feeder also available if you so wish ) and many other products that you control via your smart phone , and you require a million apps to control it, and the more products you use the more annoying it becomes, which means you invariably you will stop using that product. 

 TUYA essentially work with the manufacturers so their product can ( if you wish ) be used under one app on your Smart phone.  How great is that? Really great we think, so we are offering our house alarm at an introductory price of only £60.00 that is controlled by the TUYA app to show you how much faith we have in it. Our house alarm is also pre-programmed with two remotes, a PIR motion sensor and a door sensor, which makes it super quick to get up and running.  We also sell the extra sensors to cover the house if you need it.

Arm it via the app, and be safe in the knowledge that if triggered you will know about it on your phone. That same app will be available to view your battery cameras (coming soon) and THAT is a security lockdown ! 

Tuyo Home Wifi and GSM alarm
Tuyo Home Wifi and GSM alarm