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Easy Steps for Simpled Smart Lock Installation

Home security has been given a modern makeover with the advent of smart locks, and leading the charge is Simpled Smart Lock. With its innovative features like keyless entry and multiple access control options, it's revolutionising how we secure our homes. This isn't your standard lock-and-key system - oh no, this goes several steps further.

This high-tech gadget may seem daunting at first glance but fret not! It’s designed to be user-friendly right from installation. In fact, you might just find that a simpled smart lock installation can be as straightforward as making a cuppa!

The Simpled Smart Lock doesn’t shy away from harsh weather either. Its robust build ensures reliability in varying UK weather conditions while maintaining an attractive matt black finish for those who appreciate aesthetic appeal alongside functionality.

the benefits of these incredible features make for a truly compelling offering. It is difficult to overlook the great worth of these features.

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Exploring the Features of Simpled Smart Lock

The Simpled Smart Lock, available in a stylish matt black finish, is an advanced security solution designed to offer peace of mind. The smart lock uses cutting-edge technology to keep your house secure.

Compatibility with Different Door Materials

The first standout feature of the Simpled Smart Lock is its compatibility with various door materials. It's designed to work effectively on both wooden and aluminium doors. This makes it a versatile choice for homeowners looking for robust home security solutions.

A common question that arises when considering such high-tech locks involves their ability to fit different types of doors. But rest assured, whether you have solid wood or lightweight aluminium doors, this smart lock fits seamlessly into place offering not just security but also aesthetic appeal.

Power Source and Battery Alarm

Moving onto power considerations, the Simpled Smart Lock operates using 4 AA batteries as its primary source (Key Stat: 4). There's no need for complex wiring or professional installation services which adds convenience during setup. Additionally, there’s a low battery alarm system built-in so you're never caught off guard by drained batteries compromising your home's safety.

If the power does run out unexpectedly though, don't fret. A unique feature allows use of an external power bank through a USB input providing emergency access – proving that even in unexpected circumstances this lock has got you covered.

Multiple Access Control Options

This modern smart lock offers multiple ways to gain entry ensuring ease-of-use without sacrificing any aspect of security. One can use fingerprints (it stores up-to five), passcodes via touchscreen functionality (Key Stats: 5), and fobs/stickers giving users flexibility while ensuring a high level of security.

The lock's unique touch-to-open technology enables easy access with just one simpled tag or fob. For those more inclined towards traditional methods, there is the PIN code feature that can accommodate up to seven individual codes (Key Stat: 7). Furthermore, for households wanting to take advantage of the latest tech advancements - fingerprint recognition offers a keyless entry solution accommodating up to six fingerprints (Key Stat: 6).

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Key Takeaway: 

external power bank to the lock's USB port and you're good to go. The Simpled Smart Lock truly makes security simple, flexible and worry-free.

Installation and Setup of Simpled Smart Lock

The process to get your Simpled Smart Lock up and running is straightforward. This guide provides a practical approach to getting your Simpled Smart Lock up and running quickly.

Unboxing and Initial Setup

Included in your Simpled Smart Lock box from, are all the parts you need for installation: 1 lock, two keys for manual override, 7 RFID tags (or simpled tags), a matt black faceplate, and fitting screws.

A user manual also accompanies these items but don't worry if instructions aren't your thing - we're here to help.

Your first step involves inserting four AA batteries into the battery compartment at the back of the lock unit. Remember to always have a power bank handy; this will let you temporarily power up via USB input should those batteries run out unexpectedly.

Detailed Installation Process

This smart security solution works seamlessly with both aluminium and wooden doors – perfect versatility for any house or property type. The tools required include just a screwdriver – no special equipment needed here.

  1. Firstly remove any existing door locks or deadbolts from your door.
  2. Next position your new smart lock onto either side of the door as per instruction in provided diagram within packaging.
  3. Screw securely into place ensuring alignment is correct.

You can then use digits on the touch screen pad to set up an initial pin code.

With its fingerprint keyless security entry feature combined with the option for personalized PINs, this product is truly versatile and unique in the market.

Smart Lock Security Features

The Simpled Smart Lock also boasts a pin code feature for additional security, allowing you to set between 4-8 digits for your PIN.

If there are three consecutive incorrect entries of this PIN, the lock automatically activates its security lockout mode - making it resistant to hackers trying their luck.

  1. To deactivate the security lockout mode, simply enter the appropriate PIN code.
Key Takeaway: 

Getting your Simpled Smart Lock ready is a breeze. Unbox it, insert batteries and you're set to start. The lock fits on any door type with just a screwdriver. You can use the touchscreen pad to set up an initial pin code for keyless entry. For added safety, three incorrect PIN entries trigger security lockout mode.

Controlling Your Simpled Smart Lock

Your Simpled Smart Lock offers a variety of control options. Let's focus on two major methods: smartphone app control and Bluetooth or voice assistant control.

Smartphone App Control

The primary way to manage your smart lock is through the dedicated smartphone application. Using the app, you can secure your abode from afar, even when you're not physically present.

To start, download the official Simpled Smart Lock app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you have the app installed, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account with an email address and password before connecting your smart lock device via Bluetooth.

You'll need to create an account with an email address and password before connecting it to your smart lock device via Bluetooth. Make sure that both devices are in close proximity during this process. Here is a helpful guide for setting up using the platform.

Bluetooth and Voice Assistant Control

Beyond controlling through its mobile application, there are other ways like via Bluetooth directly or by integrating with popular voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.
The convenience factor increases substantially when hands-free commands can be given – "Alexa, unlock my front door" might soon become part of daily life. You'll need 7, 1, two pairs of digits PIN code for added security while using these controls; think carefully about what numbers will be easy enough for family members but tough enough against hackers.

In case of power outages at home, have no fear because Simpled has got us covered with alternative solutions - one can use the USB input option or a power bank to get your lock back in action.

Recall, it's not just about opening and shutting doors. The smartphone app also lets you monitor access logs – this can be particularly useful for knowing when children return home from school or when maintenance services have visited.
The control panel of the Simpled Smart Lock is touch-sensitive, designed with a sleek matt black finish that blends seamlessly into modern decor while providing fingerprint keyless security entry door lock capabilities. This deadbolt system ensures added safety and puts homeowners at ease knowing their house is secure.

If you find yourself with any questions or need some clarity at any point, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

Key Takeaway: 

Control your Simpled Smart Lock in two primary ways: through a smartphone app or via Bluetooth and voice assistants. The dedicated app gives you the power to lock up remotely, even when not at home. For an experience that's hands-free, use Bluetooth or popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Just make sure to create a PIN that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to crack.

Weatherproofing and Temperature Tolerance of Simpled Smart Lock

The Simpled Smart Lock has been designed to withstand the varying conditions presented by the UK weather. The smart lock's housing is built from a durable matt black material, offering an impressive resistance against harsh weather elements.

This security gadget comes with a robust design that ensures it stands up well in different climates. It’s capable of operating efficiently within a temperature range which makes it suitable for installation on external doors without concern for damage due to exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

Durability in Various Weather Conditions

Unlike traditional locks, the Simpled Smart Lock features an innovative 'Simpled Weatherproof Slimseries' technology. This unique feature provides added protection against extreme weather patterns often experienced across the UK. Rain or shine, this lock remains reliable, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is always secure.

In addition to being rain-resistant, the Simpled Smart Lock also exhibits high resilience towards UV radiation. Thus, even during scorching summer days when sunlight can cause wear and tear on outdoor devices; your smart lock will continue functioning optimally without any compromise on its physical integrity or performance.

Tackling Extreme Temperatures

The adaptability factor plays out impressively as far as temperatures are concerned too. Irrespective of whether we're dealing with icy winter nights or hot summer afternoons; these simple yet efficient smart locks continue performing their role perfectly well despite drastic fluctuations in surrounding temperatures - they've got you covered.

This remarkable feature makes these locks stand out from the rest on offer at, making sure you get a great deal for your cash. And with a temperature tolerance of -20 to 70 degrees Celsius (key stats:7), it's clear that this lock is designed for resilience.

Additional Weatherproofing Measures

Not only does the Simpled Smart Lock have built-in weather resistance, but homeowners can also take extra steps to make sure it stays in top-notch condition, even when faced with harsh weather conditions.

Key Takeaway: 

The Simpled Smart Lock is a sturdy, weather-resistant security solution designed to cope with the UK's diverse climate. With its 'Simpled Weatherproof Slimseries' technology, it can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions like rain and UV radiation without compromising performance or integrity. Plus, you can take additional steps for even more protection against adverse elements.

Security Features of Simpled Smart Lock

The security of your home hinges on the strength and reliability of your door lock. This is where the Simpled Smart Lock, with its advanced features, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your abode.

Pin Code Feature

One primary feature that enhances the security level is the pin code feature. You don't need to worry about losing keys anymore as you can use a unique pin code for entry. It's an excellent blend of convenience and high-level protection against unauthorized access.

You're allowed to create 1-7 digits long codes according to your preference which significantly reduces any chances for hackers or unwanted visitors guessing it correctly.

Fingerprint Keyless Security Entry Door Lock

In addition, Simpled also comes equipped with a fingerprint keyless security entry door lock system which provides even more robust safety measures by allowing biometric recognition. Your unique fingerprint becomes your key, ensuring no two entries are alike and making it nearly impossible for unwelcome intruders to gain access.

Matt Black Deadbolt

The matt black deadbolt included with this smart lock not only adds aesthetic value but also offers superior protection. The solid construction ensures durability while resisting tampering attempts effectively.
Achieving maximum home safety has never been simpler.

Dual Power Source: USB Input & Power Bank Backup

This model employs dual power sources - A USB input acts as its main power source while a backup power bank guarantees functionality even during unexpected situations like prolonged power outages or battery depletion.
No worries if there's no electricity supply around; just plug in any portable charger into its built-in USB input, and you're good to go.

Security Lockout Mode

Last but not least is the security lockout mode. If someone attempts multiple unsuccessful entries via pin or fingerprint scanning, the Simpled Smart Lock will automatically activate its security lockout mode.
This essentially disables all entry methods for a certain period of time thus providing an extra layer of protection against potential break-ins.

These features ensure your home stays safe 24/7.

Key Takeaway: 

an automatic security alert. This feature notifies you about any suspicious activity, making sure your home remains safe at all times. And that's not all. If the power sources fail, a manual key option is there as a backup plan. With Simpled Smart Lock, you're always in control of your home's safety.

FAQs in Relation to Simpled Smart Lock Installation

Can I install a smart lock myself?

Yes, you can. Most smart locks come with detailed installation guides and only need basic tools. However, it might be tricky if you're not DIY savvy.

How much does it cost to install a smart lock?

The cost varies depending on the model and professional fees. Expect to shell out between £70-£150 for most models plus labour costs if hiring an expert.

Can you fit a smart lock to a uPVC door?

Absolutely. With the right measurements and adjustments, many types of smart locks can be fitted onto uPVC doors without any hitches.

How do I install Simplisafe smart lock?

You start by removing your old deadbolt, then follow the included instructions closely. It's usually as simple as attaching plates and connecting wires correctly.


Installing a Simpled Smart Lock isn't rocket science. With our guide, you've learnt the simple steps for smooth and efficient simpled smart lock installation. It's about understanding your new gadget, appreciating its compatibility with different door materials, and recognising its power needs.

You now know how to set up control options from fingerprints to pin codes. You're equipped with knowledge on smartphone app control, Bluetooth connectivity, even voice assistant usage - all offering convenience at your fingertips.

The UK weather won’t be an issue either; it's designed to withstand varying conditions while maintaining that sleek matt black look. Security features? Top-notch! Pin code feature ensures only you hold the keys to your castle.

A secure house is no longer just about a good old-fashioned deadbolt but embracing technology for enhanced security. Now go ahead - revolutionise home safety with your newly installed Simpled Smart Lock!

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