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Smart Home Installation


what is included 
  • Installation and setup for one select smart lock
  • Set up your lock so the door automatically opens for you
  • Create virtual keys for guests
  • Door modifications such as shifting the faceplate, shifting the strikeplate, and increasing bore hole depth are not included
  • See service FAQ's to schedule installation for multiple locks within a single appointment
  • Please have all areas where the installation is occurring fully accessible and clear of obstructions for the technician
  • Not included: Smart Hub

smart home instaltion 





Doors can be tricky. If you've ever tried to modify or repair your door lock on your own, you'll understand. Our experts are licensed locksmiths who can remove your existing lock and install your new smart lock correctly and safely.


With an Echo Dot, you can enjoy hands-free convenience with your smart lock. So when you’re getting ready for bed and you remember to lock the door, don’t get up—simply say, “Alexa, lock the front door.”


Lock or unlock your door from your smart phone, get notifications when visitors are nearby, or have your door automatically unlock when you’re walking up.

Do I need an existing lock to get this service?

Yes. The smart lock will replace your current lock. Any drill modifications to doors will need to be done prior to this service appointment.

Will my lock work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, the select Schlage Connect, Yale, and Kwikset locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Why do I need a smart home hub?

Many smart locks have smart features such as remote or voice control. In order to activate and use these features, your smart lock must work with a compatible smart home hub, such as the Wink Hub 2. In other words, if you want the cool features like creating virtual keys or unlocking the door from your phone, you'll need a device like the Wink Hub 2. Smart home hubs are sold separately and must be present at the time of your appointment.

What locks can my expert install?

Your expert can install and set up the following locks:

  • Can I book an appointment for multiple lock installations at once?

    Yes. Please schedule a Multi-Device Setup Appointment to have multiple locks installed within an appointment.

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