Blusafe Smart Lock


Ever lost your keys and spent hours turning the house upside down? Or perhaps you've been locked out in the cold because a flatmate forgot to leave the key under the mat. We've all been there, but what if I told you that with Blusfae Smart Lock, these problems could become distant memories?

Packed full of cutting-edge technology, Blusafe is redefining how we secure our homes. It's like having a personal doorman who knows exactly when to let you in and keep intruders out.

But it's not just about convenience; this smart lock offers peace of mind too. You'll never have to worry about losing keys or forgetting combinations again. Just think - no more emergency locksmiths or late-night door break-ins!

Let's embark on this thrilling adventure! Are you ready? Let's get started!

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Blusafe Smart Locks: Revolutionizing Security

The world of home security is ever-evolving, and Blusafe is leading the charge with its advanced smart locks. Let's delve into why these are not your average door locks.

AS 1530:4:2014 Fire Rating:

Blusafe isn't just about theft prevention. These advanced smart locks also prioritize safety from other threats like fire. In fact, the Blusafe Contour (V) has achieved something remarkable - it’s passed both AS 1530:4:2014 Fire Rating and AS 1428.1-2023 Design for Access & Mobility standards (source). This gives you an extra layer of protection that most door lock providers can’t offer.

Mobility in Mind

Another impressive feature is their commitment to accessibility; being compliant with the AS 1428.1 standard means their products cater to all users regardless of physical ability (source). A keyless entry door lock might seem a novelty until you consider someone who struggles with small keys due to arthritis or similar conditions - then it becomes essential.

A World at Your Fingertips

No more rummaging around in bags for lost keys or trying multiple combinations before getting access. With mobile phone app integration, your smartphone becomes your key. Whether it's for internal doors in shared accommodations or external entry door locks, the smart lock app makes access quick and easy.

Blusafe isn’t just about getting into a property either; their advanced smart locks also offer remote functionality to manage access from anywhere. Need to let the dog walker in? Just send them a temporary e-key. This feature takes convenience to another level.

Maximum Security, Minimal Effort

unbeatable security features of these smart door locks are second to none. They furnish outstanding defence for your abode.

Exploring the Fingerprint Technology in Blusafe Locks

When it comes to security, Blusafe's advanced smart locks take centre stage. The real game-changer? Its fingerprint technology.

Unlocking Convenience with Fingerprint Padlocks

Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or forgetting combinations. With a fingerprint padlock, all you need is your finger.

This small yet robust device allows users to secure their belongings without any hassle. It takes just a few moments to set up and can store multiple fingerprints - ideal if you're sharing access with family members or even trusted friends like dog walkers.

The tech behind this magic is sophisticated yet straightforward enough for anyone to use comfortably. A high-resolution sensor scans your print, encrypting it into data that only the lock understands.

Fingers at Your Service: Door Handle Reinvented

If door handles could talk, they'd be singing praises about this invention. This biometric breakthrough isn't confined solely to padlocks but extends its brilliance into internal doors too.

You see, losing house keys is a common annoyance we've all faced. But what if you could unlock your front door simply by pressing on the handle?

  • A no-key scenario means no more rummaging through bags or pockets searching for elusive keyrings.
  • No physical key equates fewer opportunities for burglars who love 'bumping' traditional locks.
  • Plus, think about those cold winter nights when you're freezing outside trying to get the key in the lock.

Well, that's precisely what Blusafe smart door locks offer - maximum security and absolute convenience at your fingertips.

Fingerprint Padlocks: More Than Just a Cool Gadget

The Blusafe fingerprint padlock is more than just an exciting gadget. It's small, smart, and convenient. Plus, it offers unparalleled safety for your personal items.

It's not just about comfort or coolness, even though they're great aspects. It goes beyond that.

Key Takeaway: 

Blusafe's advanced smart locks are revolutionising home security with their cutting-edge fingerprint technology. No more key hunting or forgotten combinations - just a simple press of your finger unlocks maximum security and absolute convenience, whether it's for padlocks or internal doors. Not only does this tech offer unparalleled safety, but it also provides peace of mind right at your fingertips.

The Versatility of Internal Smart Locks

Security in shared accommodations can be a real headache. But, thanks to internal smart locks, it doesn't have to be. These nifty devices offer an effective way to secure doors within such environments.

You might ask yourself how these door locks manage this feat? Well, the answer lies in their adaptability and easy-to-use nature. For instance, Blusafe's advanced smart lock range offers various options suitable for securing internal doors.

A Tailored Approach with Advanced Smart Locks

Not all rooms are equal when it comes to security needs. The bathroom needs privacy while your home office may require more robust protection for personal items or sensitive documents. Here's where Blusafe's versatility shines.

This impressive brand offers tailored solutions designed around your unique circumstances using cutting-edge technology such as fingerprint recognition and mobile phone app integration.

Simplicity Meets Security: Keyless Entry Door Locks

Let’s face it - we've all misplaced keys at some point. With keyless entry door locks like those from Blusafe that use fingerprint recognition, you no longer need keys or combination codes which makes life simpler and less stressful.

Beyond convenience, these innovative smart door locks provide peace of mind by allowing you only share permanent access with trusted individuals whilst granting temporary e-keys to others like dog walkers or guests visiting briefly - giving full control over who enters your space without compromising on security levels.

Innovation Inside Your Pocket – Mobile Phone App Control

Smart lock apps take the convenience and control of internal smart locks to another level. They let you manage your door locks from anywhere in the world right on your mobile phone.

The app logs all activity, so you can keep track of who has entered or left at any given time - a perfect feature for shared accommodations. You'll never have to question whether you locked up before leaving again.

In essence, Blusafe’s advanced smart locks bring maximum security without sacrificing ease-of-use or style – truly a versatile solution for modern living.

Key Takeaway: 

Blusafe's internal smart locks are a perfect match for shared living spaces. They're straightforward to use and come packed with advanced features like fingerprint recognition and mobile app control. This lets you rest easy, knowing only trusted folks can access your space. What's more, these smart locks give complete transparency on who is coming or going - fitting seamlessly into the modern lifestyle.

Never Lose Your Keys Again with Smart Entry Door Locks

Forgetting your keys or struggling to find the keyhole in the dark will become a thing of the past with Blusafe's Smart Entry Door Locks, offering convenience and security through fingerprint recognition. These innovative locks provided by Blusafe offer a unique blend of security and convenience that will make accessing your home as easy as tapping your fingerprint.

Fingerprints are like our personal identity cards. They're unique to each individual, making them an excellent tool for secure access. The technology used in these smart door locks reads fingerprints quickly and accurately, letting you into your home without needing any physical keys.

The use of fingerprints isn't just about providing advanced security; it also adds an extra layer of convenience. Forget worrying about lost keys or having too many copies floating around because now all you need is at the tip of your fingers—literally.

Access Your Home With Just A Tap

Gone are days when getting locked out meant waiting for hours on end until someone could come over with a spare key. Now, with Smart Entry Door Locks from Blusafe installed on entry doors at home or office, getting locked out becomes virtually impossible. Simply tap using one registered finger and voila—you’re in. This hassle-free solution provides relief not only for those prone to misplacing their keys but also offers a quick entry method after carrying heavy groceries or managing playful kids.

A Solution Tailored To You

The beauty behind this state-of-the-art locking system lies within its flexibility—it can be tailored specifically according to user preferences. So whether you want everyone in the family having access through their own specific fingerprint recognition (no more spare keys.), or you want to allow temporary access for the dog walker, it’s all possible with this smart door lock.

These locks can store multiple fingerprints and even provide an activity log, allowing homeowners to monitor who has accessed their home and when. This provides extra protection against unauthorized entries.

Step Into The Future Of Security

you can always have control over who enters your home. These innovative locks offer you convenience and safety, taking the stress out of safeguarding your property.

Key Takeaway: 

right at your fingertips. No more fumbling around for lost keys or worrying about security. With Blusafe's Smart Entry Door Locks, you're in charge of who enters and when they do it. Plus, with the ability to monitor activity logs, you'll always have peace of mind knowing exactly what's happening at home. It's time to embrace advanced security that blends convenience with control.

Mirage Fingerprint Padlock: A Market Leader

The Mirage Fingerprint Padlock by Blusafe has set a new standard in the smart lock industry, becoming a market-leading product that revolutionizes security. It's more than just an ordinary door lock; it is advanced smart technology at your fingertips.

Unlocking with a Touch

No longer do you need to fumble for keys or remember complex combination codes. With this smart door lock, all you need is your fingerprint. This intuitive padlock can recognize your unique print in less than half a second, granting instant access to secure areas and personal items.

This nifty little gadget offers convenience like never before but doesn't compromise on security. Each finger scan is encrypted and stored safely within the device itself rather than being transmitted elsewhere or saved online where it could potentially be intercepted.

If we talk numbers here, Mirage's advanced system allows for up to 40 fingerprints storage. So if you want others such as family members or even the dog walker having easy access when needed – there’s room aplenty.

Firmly Securing Its Position at The Top

Innovation aside, what makes Mirage stand out from other smart locks? Let me tell you - its robustness coupled with user-friendly features make sure that maximum security isn’t compromised over ease of use.

The weatherproof design ensures extra protection against outdoor elements while maintaining sleek aesthetics suitable for both internal doors and external doors alike thanks to its satin chrome finish – quite fancy indeed.

A Glimmer into The Future of Security

Beyond just unlocking doors conveniently via fingerprints recognition, users get additional benefits such as activity log tracking through the smart lock app on their mobile phone. It gives users an edge solution for monitoring who has access to your secured spaces.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast looking for advanced smart door locks or someone simply tired of losing keys, Blusafe's Mirage Fingerprint Padlock is certainly worth considering. It offers a glimpse into the future of security - where convenience meets sophistication.

Key Takeaway: 

The Mirage Fingerprint Padlock by Blusafe isn't just a lock, but a revolution in home security. Forget about lost keys and tricky combinations; your fingerprint is all you need for quick access. This smart gadget doesn’t compromise on safety while offering unrivalled convenience, securely storing up to 40 encrypted fingerprints right within the device. Its robust design enhances durability and withstands even the toughest conditions.

The Future of Security with Blusafe

Imagine a world where you don't have to fumble for keys or remember tricky combinations. That's the future Blusafe is building with its latest technology. Blusafe's smart locks provide more than just an extra layer of defence - they give you total command over your security.

Blusafe takes a giant leap into the future by integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life. With features such as fingerprint recognition and mobile app controls, it's clear that this isn't your average door lock.

A New Era in Home Security

Gone are the days when securing your home meant only bolting doors and windows. The Mirage padlock from Blusafe redefines what we know about security by offering advanced solutions right at our fingertips.

This revolutionary product uses state-of-the-art tech to provide highly secure solutions for safeguarding belongings while maintaining convenience. For instance, if you're out on holiday but need to let a friend in? Just send them an e-key. This feature makes sharing access simple yet secure - no spare keys needed.

Safety Meets Convenience

Fear losing keys no more because now they’re literally at hand—your fingerprints become the key. Not only does this make accessing locked items easier; it also reduces chances of unauthorized entry as biometric data is unique for each individual.

No worries if all that sounds too high-tech though – traditional backup keys come with every purchase so there’s always peace of mind knowing you’ve got multiple ways to unlock.

Making Advanced Technology Accessible

The Mirage padlock, available online, presents users everywhere the opportunity to step into the future of security. Its use of advanced smart technology gives a taste of what's to come in home safety, making it more accessible than ever before.

No longer just an idea or concept seen in movies, Blusafe is bringing advanced security tech right to your doorstep. It’s high time we welcome this new era where peace-of-mind and convenience are seamlessly blended together by innovative design and superior engineering.

Key Takeaway: 

Blusafe's smart locks are transforming the future of home security. No more hunting for lost keys or remembering tricky codes - your fingerprint is now your key. Plus, with mobile app controls and e-key sharing, securing your home becomes both convenient and cutting-edge. With Blusafe, advanced technology isn't just accessible; it's right at our fingertips.

The Convenience of Online Purchase

Let's face it, the modern world is a busy place. We're always on the go and time is precious. But here at Smart Choice Security, we understand that need for speed and convenience. That's why you can easily purchase our advanced smart lock products online.

Think about it: no more long queues in crowded shops or wasted lunch breaks hunting down the right product. With just a few clicks, you can get your hands on one of our top-notch Blusafe locks from wherever you are – be it at home, work or even during your commute.

Online shopping isn't only convenient; it also provides an unparalleled range of options and versatility. You'll find all our distinct models displayed with thorough explanations to guarantee you select the perfect one for your requirements.

Browsing Made Easy

To further simplify things for our customers, we've designed a user-friendly website that lets you browse through various door lock options effortlessly. It’s like having a virtual shop assistant guiding you through every step without any sales pressure.

Your New Lock Is Just A Click Away

The beauty of online purchasing doesn’t stop there. Once decided upon which smart lock model, adding items to your basket couldn’t be easier. Simply select 'Add To Cart', then proceed to checkout when ready — it really is as simple as 1-2-3.

No More Waiting Around - Get Your Product Delivered Fast

Worried about how long you'll have to wait for your new lock? Fear not. At Smart Choice Security, we're proud of our speedy delivery service. We make sure that as soon as your order is confirmed, it's processed and dispatched with utmost urgency.

To sweeten the deal even more, remember this: The Mirage padlock – one of our top-rated products — is available for online purchase right now.

Safety First

We know that safety matters when shopping online. Rest assured; we use secure payment methods to protect your financial information from fraudsters.

money. When you buy online, it's easy to compare prices and read reviews before making a decision. This way, you're sure to get the best deal on your Blusafe locks.

Key Takeaway: 

Smart Choice Security offers a quick, convenient way to shop for Blusafe smart locks online. With an easy-to-navigate website and detailed product descriptions, you can make informed choices from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. Once decided, simply add items to your cart and enjoy fast delivery. Plus, rest assured knowing that secure payment methods are used to ensure complete safety with every transaction.

FAQs in Relation to Blusfae Smart Lock

Can Smartlock be hacked?

All tech can potentially be compromised, but Blusafe's smart locks use advanced security features to make hacking highly challenging.

Can smart locks be broken into?

Sure, as with traditional locks. But Blusafe's sturdy build and advanced tech significantly boost the difficulty of break-ins.

How do I set up a smart lock?

To get your Blusafe lock running, just follow the simple instructions in our user manual or watch our handy online tutorial.

What are the weaknesses of a smart lock?

Akin to any technology, issues may include battery life and potential vulnerabilities. Yet, these risks are minimised by regular updates and proper maintenance from users.


Home security just got a lot smarter with the Blusfae Smart Lock. It's not only about convenience but also offers that peace of mind we all crave.

No more frantic searches for lost keys, or freezing on your doorstep because you're locked out. That’s history!

The cutting-edge fingerprint technology puts control right at your fingertips - literally! Secure doors and belongings effortlessly without needing any key or code.

The Mirage Fingerprint Padlock is an industry game-changer; securing stuff has never been this easy or secure before.

In short, Blusafe locks offer a future-proof solution to home security challenges. And guess what? You can get yours online today! Home safety revolutionised – welcome to the future!....