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Posted on May 10, 2019 11:13 by sylius

Home Security Tips

Making your home as safe as houses

Protecting yourself and your family in the home is obviously a high priority and there are a number of ways to bolster your security. By following these simple tips you will ensure that your home is as safe as houses. Let’s start with doors and windows:

The most secure way of preventing entry is tightening up door security with the following (your home insurance will have these points as standard in your policy).
  • An automatic rim latch lock (this is also called a nightlatch).
  • A five-lever mortice deadlock with Kitemark BS 3621.
  • A letter box cage to prevent thieves tampering with locks through the letter box.
  • A door peep-hole to check who is outside before deciding whether to open the door to them.

Note that a a lot of house burglaries are made to find car keys so do not leave the keys in a place that is easy to find. And it is worth double locking (rim latch and mortice) even if you are in the property. Burglars looking for opportunist-style entry will not try to force open a mortice.

For the back door, you will need:
  • A five-lever mortice deadlock.
  • A security mortice lock and mortice bolt, if you have French doors.
  • Locks to patio doors.

And it is also important to fit window locks with keys to windows on the ground floor and basement. You would be surprised at the agility of some burglars to maneuver themselves through the smallest of spaces. And if you have a shed and garage these must be fitted with strong locks. Consider erecting security grilles, it is not as expensive as you think and burglars are deterred from breaking in through grilles.

You should also consider security devices like visible burglar alarms and outside lights which will act as a deterrent. There are many different alarms on the market – please take advantage of our experience and expertise in this area for free advice based on your requirements and budget as well as installation options. You can also seek advice from your insurance company. Alarms and lights act as a deterrent to burglars. It is important to regularly change the alarm code.

It is also a good idea to mark your possessions with your postcode and the number of your property and register all valuable items with the Immobilise Property Register. Further details are available from the Safer Neighbourhood team at the local police station.

When preparing for a holiday do not write about it on social media (for obvious reasons!) and can get light timers to give an impression the house is occupied.

Many households are taking advantage of smart home security systems. These are made up of a combination of cameras, detectors and locks that alert you when a door or window are opened. You can purchase these as kits through a hub which enables you to monitor the activities inside or outside your home on a smartphone or tablet, or you can purchase the items separately. Combining the latest security gadgets with home automation technology, you can be in touch with your home and family remotely through a smart phone, computer or tablet devices. Obvious advantages include being alerted on your smartphone when a person is approaching the property and being able to monitor children’s movements inside the house and being in touch with elderly relative or friends who live in a different property.

Smart home technology is delivering its promises helped by better wireless options and voice technology. And with falling prices of crucial gadgets like sensors and controllers and other multi-purpose options will reach a mass market.

But however many gadgets and gizmos you may be enticed by, remember the best security involved good old fashioned common sense.