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Smart Choice Keyless Solution

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When Jamal at Capital Residencies and accommodation contacted Smart Choice Security for a keyless solution to some of their properties they manage in London, we were impressed at the grandeur quite frankly.  “We are tired of keys, and need an easier way of entry for the clients, can you help me?”   -Jamal, Capital Residencies and accommodation LTD

Whether you are looking for a charming period property or something with a contemporary edge, Capital Residencies London apartments are in the most sought after areas. We know this, as we have provided a solution, installation and ongoing support for them over the last year. Lost keys and check in was always the issue, but not now.

At Smart Choice Security we have many keyless solutions; the one we recommended for Capital Residencies was the Prolok Slimline model of Smart lock with a separate lock case. This Smart lock is a durable, attractive online or offline lock that can handle weather, has a key override, uses minimal batteries and uses a pin code/Fingerprint/or fob for entry. It’s available in stainless or black finish and is also available as a de lux version with a curved handle.


Capital Residencies and accommodation Ltd use a free app to manage the 40 or so apartments we have completed for them now. We also provide desktop management software that can cover all door solutions, perfect for the management agent who wants zero keys, has many doors with many different types of locks, but only wants one system to control it. 

Property Management: 

Previously, to go keyless and to be able to manage a large portfolio of properties under one management system, it has been hugely expensive and just about impossible. However we have the solution now. 

You want to connect all your different smart locks with Airbnb/ or a many of the letting API’s that are out there? We can do that. We can also integrate with your own system! Please let us know who you are, what you do, we can partner up with you to get that keyless check in, no more wasting money in traffic or waiting around to swap keys. Just like Jamal at a budget you can afford. 

You can find our smart lock solutions here.

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